AIB are a customer focused Accident Management Company. We offer a complete and flexible service for those involved in Non-Fault accidents.

AIB is very well established nationwide, which makes it easy for us to guarantee that you are without a car for the shortest period of time.

Britian is home to 34.7 million vehicles travelling over 280 billion miles every year. With those numbers it’s hardly surprising to hear that people reported over 21,000 accidents, from parking scrapes to roundabout bumps, every day.

For around 10,000 motorists, who are safe drivers or “not at fault”, Accident Information Bureau provides free consultation, choice of home visits, and your very own appointed AIB legal team, it’s a personal approach to compensation claims that cater for your individual needs and requirements., tailor made for your benefits.

We help remove the stress, we take responsibility, for interacting with insurers, we organise repairs, and we keep you mobile so that you are not affected by the temporary loss of your daily lifestyle.

If it’s not your fault, you have the right to a replacement vehicle whilst your own car is being repaired or replaced. We can provide that mobility and all of the support that comes with it for free.